The Lads Bolton Wanderers West Ham United and the F A Cup Final

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  • Brazil 2014. The World Cup – more like the World Con. I’m not a fan of the World Cup. I suppose it’s necessary, given that football (not soccer, Mr. Beckham, get it right) needs to sell itself around the.
  • The new ticket website is now live and existing users need to re-register. Do that online here and read their FAQs here. Magpie Movers are on sale now to 2018/19 ST.
  • Salut! Sunderland Malcolm Dawson writes…..there is an air of quiet satisfaction floating around Sixsmith Towers this morning, as the staff quietly go about their duties, secure in.
  • Joe Cole - Wikipedia On 6 August 2003, Cole signed for Chelsea for a fee of £6.6 million after he had rejected a new contract with West Ham. He was the sixth player signed after the club.
  • Someone Else? - Who Is The Secret Footballer? If you think TSF could be a footballer that hasn’t yet been mentioned in the Leading Candidates or Candidates Ruled Out sections then add them in the comment box.
  • West Ham United | London Olympic Stadium | Football Ground. A fans guide to the London Stadium, aka the Olympic Stadium the new home of West Ham United. Photos, directions, nearest tube & train stations, pubs, reviews
  • Sport - The Sun Keeping you up to date on the latest sports news from the UK and the World. With live scores, fixtures from world of Football, Rugby, Boxing and Cricket all on The Sun
  • 1995 Football League Cup Final - Wikipedia The 1995 Football League Cup Final was a football match played between Liverpool and Bolton Wanderers on 2 April 1995 at Wembley Stadium, London. It was the final.
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